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Co-creation of Cities of Light

Co-creation of Cities of Light is a concept given to us by the Arcturians, specifically by a group called We, the Arcturians, as channeled by David Miller.

Taos City of Light was downloaded on 9-9-9 (September 9, 2009) and that means that we, our group here in Taos, have certain experience in this playing field. It wasn’t always fun and easy, we tried this and that, we were ridiculed, we were look at as lunatics, but we still carry on.

At the time of writing – during the final days of 2015 – only few with the gift of clairvoyance were able to get a quick glimpse of it, the rest of us have to trust our feelings and our ability to visualize, and thus to manifest it. For it is here! Perhaps once we can see our very own light bodies, we will be able to see our magnificent City of Light. For now, we are visualizing a shimmering sphere of light, or rather a dome, as half of it is above the ground and the other half below the ground.

Every town/city/community has a energy field similar to the human aura. It contains mental and emotional imprinting from all the people who live there, who lived there in the past or who visited. It carries the energy of all the events, good or bad, it carries the energy of the land and all the kingdoms. It is a reality co-created both consciously and unconsciously.

A City of Light is a unified energy field, unified by an intention to co-create a reality based on Love, Joy, Freedom and Truth. We are birthing a new just society and 5th dimensional community.

In order to co-create a City of Light by this Arcturian method, you need at least 4 people and 4 clear crystals. Go into ceremony and open a Portal of Light to 5th dimension. Obviously, whenever we open a Portal of Light, we are connecting to the Source, but as 5th dimension is were we are going, we are intending to create an intersection of dimensions and a 5D pocket of light, a safe haven if you wish. The City of Light then becomes a portal, just as we are all portals.

The crystals are programmed to hold our intentions, to hold the light and frequencies, and then ceremoniously buried around the community in places that correspond to the four directions. If you have a big group, you can program more crystals and bury them in a circle around the town. If you live in a big city, start with a neighborhood or smaller area such as the historical center.

Meet with your group on a regular basis, with intention to re-activate your City of Light and to raise it’s vibration. Go into ceremony, open a Portal of Light, acknowledge the presence of the buried crystals, feel them activating, shimmering, visualize a blue electric energy running through them forming a circle of Light surrounding the city. Then proceed to release the lower vibrational frequencies and download higher dimensional frequencies.  This can be done by using variety of methods, similar to the work and maintenance of your personal energy field. My favorite is the violet transmuting flame, and intention, command for release, cleansing & clearing.

Early on in our efforts, our group was open to public at times.  We thought that this was something everybody would like to hear about and participate in.  I had be prepared to adapt the format and procedure while leading these meditations, based on who was participating at the time, and their capability of expansion. Eventually, we gave up on the idea of sharing this work with the public just yet, as most people simply are not ready for this. Instead, we embody the City of Light, and then, as we go into the public, we emit and radiate the Light from with us. There’s nothing to do but BE, be who we are – a City of Light.

Based on my experience, I suggest a small group of like minded individuals, who can go “all the way”, meaning, they have the ability to work multi-dimensionally  and on quantum particle level.

One way to reactivate your City of Light is by projecting it to 5D or higher. The participants form a unified energy field, which you then expand into the size of the community. Once you are One on quantum particle level, simply thought project it  to a specific place in 5D, or shimmer out to the place of your choice...This could be planet Arcturus, or the planet Alano both in the Arcturus star system. According to David Miller’s channelings (, the people on Alano are trained to work with the newly born Cities of Light on 3D planets. It is their specialty to set up a place for them and assist with the release/recharge. After experimenting with both these methods, we thought...Well, we have 5D cities on Earth, why not expand into the frequency of Shamballa? So, we have done that a few times too….

Lately, we have been focusing on the expansion of consciousness, soul body fusion, activation of our highest potential and first of all – opening of Portals of Light.  We download the highest potential for us individually and collectively! In another words, instead of traveling all over this galaxy taking Taos City of Light with us – we stay right here in our hearts in the point of singularity, in the center of the tube torus energy field. We work from inside out. There’s no end to what can be done here on this multidimensional playground.

At the time of closing of the circle and meditation we always “share us selves”, our ability to expand and comprehend with the collective, emitting our frequencies as a light house into the crystalline grid, into the grid of human hearts and first of all into the grid of Cities of Light, for there are many by now.

As we go though our days, we visualize Taos City of Light surrounded by shimmering light forming a dome with a strong outer layer, which keeps our high vibrations in and any lower vibrations out.

Another important part of our work, is of course, sharing of our visions, hopes and dreams when it comes to co-creation of a 5th dimensional community. How does it feel to live in a City of Light? It is like taking a blank canvas, each of as adding something beautiful and colorful, our very own brush stroke and color scheme.

In closing, “we are not the only show in town”, meaning, that there are other people, groups and organizations that contribute to the raising of the vibration of a City of Light. For us here in Taos, it feels good to see all these spiritual groups, all these gatherings. The change is in the air!  We actively participate with our community, smiling and Knowing, while being conscious of how we ALL contribute to this melting pot that WE are.  We recognize that as long as we stay centered in our Hearts, connected to the Will of Earth herself for transition and transformation, which is always connected to Divine Will of the All, we are all already working in unity. We know that we are all in this together, that we can’t fail and that ALL IS GOOD! And so it is.

Love to all, Ariana

P.S. The night after I wrote the article on Cities of Light I had a dream:
In the dream I see happy joyful people of all color traveling to New York by train, by cars, they are all celebrating, the train is wrapped in garlands and flowers. First I thought I go with them, but then I decide to stay ”at a midpoint”, a place somewhere along their path. Here I am offering refreshments – the most delicious fruits and interestingly – stretching exercises. There’s also a pile of miscellaneous stuff, that people are leaving behind...... They say they have to be in New York by Saturday.
As I have been “digesting” the dream I thought perhaps there will be some sort of disclosure in New York, perhaps they are going to gather at the Statue of Liberty. When I goggled the meaning of the word “york” I have learned that it means “holding”! All these people were moving to the New Holdings – Cities of Light!

I have recorded some of our gatherings with focus on reactivation of Taos City of Light, I hope you find them inspiring:

 8-8-8 Portal of Light - Activation of Taos City of Light:

 8-17-8 Portal of Light - Embodying the Divine Feminine:

 8-26-8 Portal of Light - Expansion!:

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