Wednesday, November 25, 2009


by Lauren C. Cargo

Settling into our New Grooves

In the last energy update I said that November would be a very powerful month of spiritual mastery... a month of fully aligning with the new & true and a time to integrate any remaining fears preventing us from mastery. And while we are not quite finished with this month of major transition (sorry folks, we have another 11:11:11 on 11/29/09) I am wondering....

How did you fare?

My guess is that you were either flattened out from the relentless waves of purifying love... or you were busy wrapping up annoying details (relationship, career, financial, ect.) from your past so you could make the 12:12 deadline...or you were busy packing and moving to a new location or finding your new home on earth...or perhaps you were inundated with new ideas, plans, inspiration and/or great clarity around your new life while slowly starting to move into position...or maybe all of those things.

From an energetic perspective we (the collective we) are getting down to the wire... aligning on all levels with our higher choices and really needing to wrap things up in totality by taking full responsibility for our past mis-creations and resolving any issues syphoning our energy so we can effectively walk into the new & true with absolutely no ties. We really need these clean slates so we can step into the flow of conscious creation and focus all of our energy only on that which we are here to contribute as we come together to create the new earth.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Why do you eat food? There are many perspectives on the subject depending on your level of awareness. The typical human perspective about food, is strictly survival oriented, based on typical tribal consciousness that normal society operates within. As we all know, as we awaken, our perception of food and nutrition changes dramatically, and we have to deal with the rest of society lagging behind in their old ways.

As beings awaken in the new age there is a tendency to be conscious of what you eat and to be drawn towards vegetarianism. It has become the "proper" way to be for a whole list of reasons including environmental, physical, emotional, political, spiritual etc. So based on your new age perception, there are consequences to your actions - "you are what you eat". It would be more accurate to say, your identity of who you think you are, is directly related to your perception of reality, including diet.

The trap that many people have fallen into in the new age has been believing that there is actually a right way to be and act to be spiritual. And in regards to food, in order to be spiritual you have to eat a certain way, and only eat certain things.