Sunday, March 28, 2010


We are living in an acid world and most of the diseases known since the beginning of time are caused by our lifestyles and especially our eating habits. While raw food is not for everybody, it is the ideal diet when it comes to healing. Also, as one's consciousness and frequencies are raised, our carbon based 3D bodies transmute into 5D crystalline based bodies.
In this article I would like to explore two topics: Why is raw food so healing, and raw food as a transition to living in higher dimensions and eventually into living on pranic food – the life force which we are receiving through our crown chakra.
As you may already know, our bodies are detoxing while we are sleeping. We are practically fasting. It is advisable to prolong this detox by starting the day with fruit. Fruits are good detoxifiers and bowel cleansers. They are a source of structured water and charged not only by sun, but also by wind, earth and water elements. If you make a smoothie in your blender and add to the fruit, preferably local and what is in season, some green leafy vegetables like spinach, parsley, kale, chard, etc. you are adding amino acids, the building blocks of protein. The amino acids are our main source of protein for now. As you begin to live on pranic food, you don’t have to worry anymore about protein and calories. If you would like to take it one step higher, you could add micro-greens such as Vitamineral Greens, which not only helps again with the detoxification, but gives your body all the nutrients you need and allows you to eliminate multiple vitamins and other supplements you may be taking.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Greetings! This is Metatron.We begin to understand more about our Crystalline Body Structures:Fire Letters

The Fire Letters are the basis of the Genetic Code for humans, it is stored in your every cell. This electromagnetic energy is ever changing to bring in higher and higher vibratory rates into your body. When you feel as if your cells are speeding up, you feel the shaking in your body, your body is downloading the new genetic codes which are anchoring in your Crystalline Body. Your body is attracting the silicone and other elements including gold which are the basis of the new body template. The Fire Letters may be arranged in different ways as a Code for the body and your DIVINE BLUEPRINT responds to the new organization of letters as a code, as in a hard drive. The holographic representation acts differently, processes information differently. It is from this One anchors in a body which lives off liquid golden light. This coding is what translates Higher Thoughts and Higher Gifts. These Fire Letters are not arranged in a linear fashion. If you view the Fire Letters, it is like looking at a hologram and it is arranged on many levels interdimensionally all at once. Imagine a fractal beginning at the Great Central Sun, Alcyone. This fractal moves out from that point to Sol, our Sun, to Jupiter, To Mercury and to Sirius, as well as all the Planets, Stars and Suns in our local Galaxy. See this spiral fractal growing smaller and piercing the next dimension where it grows bigger, passes through another Sun, collecting FORCE energy, and spiraling smaller again until it reachers Earth.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello everybody and happy 2010!

I have been eating raw food for 2 years now and teaching raw food classes for 1 year. I have realized, that raw food is not for everybody and therefore I am changing the concept a little bit.

I will continue teaching monthly classes this year here at my home in Los Cordovas, the focus will be on Conscious Eating. In these classes we will talk about the food as the energy source, how to listen to our bodies, how to energize food and align it with the energy of our own body. Wi will remind us selves of the importance of eating alkaline food as the dieases are not able to grow in an alkaline body and how crucial it is to eat food rich on enzymes, as the enzymes are the fuel, the life force involved in every action of the body, be it on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

As you may allready know, we are moving into higher dimensions. Our bodies are transmuting into crystaline bodies and will not handle heavy complex food as before. We will begin to draw on energy from outside sources. But that's way down the road, in mean time it is advisable to add light and liquid dishes to our diet.

I have scheduled the first class of this year for January 30th, 2PM. The cost is $30. I need 5 participants min. in order to teach this class. We will prepare some simple and easy to make raw food dishes, that will support your bodies on the way to Ascension.

Please RSVP no later then January 24.