Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taos City of Light


The Planetary Cities of Light is a Group of Forty (GOF) project. The Cities of Light was downloaded under guidance of Juliano and We, the Arcturians. A tremendous amount of 5th dimensional (5D) energy was downloaded into the nominated cities, that now hold the 5D light and create an interphase between the 3rd and 5th dimension. It is an effort to bring our planet and the entirety of humanity into a higher dimensional vibration.

GOF is an organization uniting Planetary Healers and has 40 groups around the world. The local group was founded by John Murray and meets every 1st & 3rd Saturday at Casa del Monte under guidance by Vera Le Doux: 505-990-7347 - veraledoux@msn.com.

Our members are working with Taos City of Light to maintain and hold a spiritual vibration, which serves as a protective energy field so that lower vibrational 3D energies cannot dominate the energy of the city. This means that some of the devastations from Earth changes that are possible will not, or may not, affect Taos City of Light. Part of the creation of the Planetary Cities of Light involves allowing the energies of a just society to manifest. During our monthly reactivations we visualize that we are raising the spiritual light quotient and changing the entire infrastructure of Taos. Each reactivation has two parts, the release of 3D energy and the download of 5D energy.

Please help us visualize a dome of protective light over Taos City of Light.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ladder of Ascension

Copyright © 2011 David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We are pleased and excited that we have been able participate with your work. This work, with your cooperation, focused on downloading the Ladder of Ascension. The heavenly Ladder of Ascension has now been downloaded over the Dome of the Rock in central Jerusalem. This event is a key factor in your ascension work.

To ascend into the fifth dimension requires many different connections and many different completions of tasks. You have to understand the complexity of the Ascension and the many different circumstances that must come into perfect alignment in order for you to ascend. Many of those alignments have to do with the planetary alignments. We have noted, for example, the importance of the 2012, December 21st, 22nd, alignment with the Central Sun. We have noted the alignments also related to the precession or the wobbling of the Earth which is approximately on a 26,000- to 27,000-year cycle.

Also, there are many other activations in the galaxy. We know that the Earth and this section of the galaxy is a spiritually active and spiritually open area. You remember that we have talked before about eclipses, and how wonderful they are, and how sometimes people will travel to different parts of the world just to experience the eclipse. The eclipse may be visible on Earth in Australia, but it would not be visible in Ohio, for example. From a galactic perspective, this analogy could be used in talking about the Central Sun. This could mean that there is a position of the planet Earth in the galaxy that would have a unique, important and key role in the upcoming alignments with the Central Sun.