Wednesday, December 9, 2009


by Lord Arcturus
channeled by Lauren C. Gorgo

Blessings and divine greetings benevolent ones, I am Lord of Arcturus and on behalf of the entire Arcturian civilization, I speak to you as one.

Long gone are the days of strife. No longer are you required to uphold a vision of perfection for the world, for you are perfection now. No longer are you required to uphold the sanctity of future creation, for you are creation embodied now.

Beloved beings of extraordinary light and unwavering focus...gather together under the energetic shroud of this transmission for the purpose of celebrating the return of love! We come together today to join in praise and celebration with you, our beloved brothers and sisters of earth.

The turning of the tide, the parting of worlds, the separation of the wheat from the chaff...all of these euphemisms point to the eternal now, a point in time when all lower reality matrices are severed from truth. What we would like to bring forth thru this cherished inter-dimensional channel of various galactic civilizations, is as of this day (12/09/09) the 12:12 gateway has officially opened.

What this means for man and womankind is unprecedented in scope, for all galactic gateway portals have been leading up to the potency of this particular frequencial point in time and space.

The resurfacing of love as the forerunner and template of creation is activated through this very portal and brought completely into physicality through the 12/21 solstice celebration. The alignment of this frequencial resonance point is indicative of a major push forward in the earth's evolution and humanity's spiritual mastery. From this day forward, and into the next level of planetary ascension, all of humanity will be forever changed.

Those of you who have been consciously following the ascension timeline, integrated the physical changes initiated at each numeric galactic portal, and cleared the emotional body of fourth dimensional discord, are entering into the new galactic time zone centered at zero-point frequency, through the divine portal of peace.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Channeled by Mark Huber on November 30th, 2009

On 12/12 there will not be a “poof” and they are gone, swallowed up in some manner, kind of thing.
Earth will on this day, discernibly and palpably separate into interdimensions both being experienced at the same time.

It may not be felt by many that first day, but as time marches on, things will be noticeably different on Terra Nova Earth versus ‘3D becoming 5D Earth’ parallel.These will be parallels happening on two different timelines simultaneously.

As Terra Nova continues to ascend more each day, and Galactic presence helps her along with technology and new systems in place; then at the same time, interdimensionally and parallel to this, others will continue in their jobs without this assistance and stay in their homes, stay with their veils intact.

They will not recognize that the 5D and above ones are doing something a bit different. They just will not believe what the others believe, and this is how they will be, by their own choice, in limbo. They will continue with their programs in place, in the matrix consciousness. They will notice a group of Earthlings have changed, but they will not understand it, or pay much attention to it, they will have veils and will be somewhat blind to it. They will continue to worry about deadlines and survival.