Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ariana, the Graceful Lioness

I have met Ariana during a 6 month long channeling course with Story Waters. She popped up here and there during my automatic writings. She is a priestess and she belongs to the White Sisterhood of the Dove.

When I googled the name I have learned that Ariana means the Graceful Lioness. Now, this was not my first experience with the Lion Beings, as I dream that my partner, my mate is a shape shifter going back and forth from human shape to the humanoid lion, an upright being with lion features. I feel his name is Ara-El. We are of the Lion Tribe. We embody the TRUTH.

At the end of the course I had " a small awakening", a moment of being one with everything, being the Source, being the moment before the creation, this ultimate potential waiting for the spark. And that was the end of channeling for me. It is a challenger for me to separate myself from all that is in order to see some entity in front of me and have a conversation with it, creating separation in the sake of a dialog. So what I do, is that I  connect with the entity or one of her aspects that I wish to meet and experience and we merge our energy fields. We are one on quantum particle level. We dance, we flow - and I feel, I tune in....

So this is the story why I call myself Ariana - the future me, the one I choose to be.