Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taos Planetary City of Light – a first hand experience

Taos Planetary City of Light was downloaded during the 9-9-9 (September 9, 2009) Group of Forty (GOF) workshop at Mt. Shasta along with several other planetary cities of light. The actual download was synchronized by a teleconference call. The 5th dimensional energy was received by GOF members assembled at the workshop and sent to all the cities. Our members in Taos received this energy while they formed a circle around our hometown. They held quartz crystals in their hands. The crystals with the downloaded energy were then buried at each location, which formed a perimeter around Taos.

We are very proud of our planetary city of light and take good care of it. Our group of planetary healers meets twice every month. During these gatherings we reactivate the crystals and the city by projecting/shimmering the unified energy field of Taos either to our star sister city on Arcturus or to the moon planet Alano in order to release any low vibrations and 3rd dimensional drama and trauma. Once the cleansing is done, we recharge this unified energy field, which is the etheric duplicate of Taos. We visualize it being filled with ascension codes and new information on how to continually work with the 5th dimensional consciousness. Our intention is to create a pocket of 5th dimensional light on Earth and to create an intersection of dimensions. Then we project/shimmer the etheric duplicate of Taos back into the physical reality. We visualize the new energy permeating the entire infrastructure of the city, affecting everything – the land, the people, the nature kingdoms, the physical structures. The next step is to visualize a dome of protection over the Taos Planetary City of Light above and below the city. This dome helps to keep our high vibration in the city and prevents any lower vibrations to enter, including the radiation from nearby Los Alamos nuclear power plant, from chemtrails, solar flares, geomagnetic storms and other unwanted energies including those from under ground. New Mexico is one of the most hollow states in United States. It is believed there are tunnels and bases here both manmade and of extraterrestrial origin.

In 2010 we formed a friendship with San Pedro de la Paz Planetary City of Light located in Chile. We met over Skype and exchanged energy between our cities and formed a bridge of light between us. This event was a highlight of our work here. We were able to meet our friends from San Pedro de la Paz, to see them, to talk to them – mostly telepathically as our Spanish wasn’t very good and their English wasn’t very good either. This fact didn’t slow us down at all, when one is working with light and energy language is often less important. The rainbow bridge between our sister cities now serves as a tool for practicing bilocation.

An important aspect of working with a planetary city of light and the dome of protection is to share with the public what we are doing. What are the benefits of downloading cities of light and working with the 5th dimensional energy? This can be done in two ways – directly in the form of lectures and indirectly by simply connecting with other spiritual groups in our home town and attending ceremonies, sweat lodges and other activities where the locals gather. We know, that wherever we go, we take our energy with us, sharing our light. We visualize antennae extending from the crown chakras emitting our high frequency in all directions as does a lighthouse.

The planetary energy work with our environment also includes the etheric subcrystals, that we have downloaded in Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. All three subcrystals are duplicates of the etheric crystal located at Mt. Shasta, which carries the energy of harmony and compassion for the Earth. When we meditate, we command these subcrystals to raise up from their location forming a triangle, connecting to the Mt. Shasta crystal, to the crystal at the Crystal Lake on Arcturus and to the Arcturian temple in Santa Fe. This triangle is a new spiritual technology we have developed to raise the vibration of our land and the entire infrastructure of the cities. Once one understands how the new technology for the 5th dimensional Earth that was gifted by our Arcturian selves works, there is simply no end to how this technology can be used.

In closing I would like to address what we are often asked: “Do you see any benefits of working with the 5th dimensional energy in our city?” The answer is YES, although this is now perceived only on the energy level. I can’t say that the crime level has decreased as we simply don’t try to find out this kind of information. We focus only on the positive, on raising the spiritual light quotient of our home town and all who live here. We hold the energy of balance, harmony and stability for all of humanity and for the planet.

By Ariana aka Vera Le Doux, coordinator of Taos Planetary City of Light

May 2012