Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bilocation – A Personal Experience

I was introduced to bilocation by Juliano, an Arcturian Commander and a member of a group of higher dimensional beings that refers to them selves as “We, the Arcturians”.

In this articles I will share my experience with bilocation on personal, group and community/city level. According to Juliano, it is possible to bilocate a planet as well.

There are many documented stories of bilocation. While the Essenes and the yogis from the Far East were able to bilocate and actually manifest a duplica of their physical bodes and function in the area they bilocated to, for me – at this point of time (September 26, 2015) - the bilocation feels as etheric/astral travel.

Before we go any further - keep in mind – these are my own personal experiences, take what resonates, leave the rest!

These are the topics I will discuss:
·     Traveling up the corridor of light
·     Walking across the bridge
·     Shimmering
·     Thought projection

Co-creation of Cities of Light

Co-creation of Cities of Light is a concept given to us by the Arcturians, specifically by a group called We, the Arcturians, as channeled by David Miller.

Taos City of Light was downloaded on 9-9-9 (September 9, 2009) and that means that we, our group here in Taos, have certain experience in this playing field. It wasn’t always fun and easy, we tried this and that, we were ridiculed, we were look at as lunatics, but we still carry on.

At the time of writing – during the final days of 2015 – only few with the gift of clairvoyance were able to get a quick glimpse of it, the rest of us have to trust our feelings and our ability to visualize, and thus to manifest it. For it is here! Perhaps once we can see our very own light bodies, we will be able to see our magnificent City of Light. For now, we are visualizing a shimmering sphere of light, or rather a dome, as half of it is above the ground and the other half below the ground.

Every town/city/community has a energy field similar to the human aura. It contains mental and emotional imprinting from all the people who live there, who lived there in the past or who visited. It carries the energy of all the events, good or bad, it carries the energy of the land and all the kingdoms. It is a reality co-created both consciously and unconsciously.

A City of Light is a unified energy field, unified by an intention to co-create a reality based on Love, Joy, Freedom and Truth. We are birthing a new just society and 5th dimensional community.

In order to co-create a City of Light by this Arcturian method, you need at least 4 people and 4 clear crystals. Go into ceremony and open a Portal of Light to 5th dimension. Obviously, whenever we open a Portal of Light, we are connecting to the Source, but as 5th dimension is were we are going, we are intending to create an intersection of dimensions and a 5D pocket of light, a safe haven if you wish. The City of Light then becomes a portal, just as we are all portals.

The crystals are programmed to hold our intentions, to hold the light and frequencies, and then ceremoniously buried around the community in places that correspond to the four directions. If you have a big group, you can program more crystals and bury them in a circle around the town. If you live in a big city, start with a neighborhood or smaller area such as the historical center.

Meet with your group on a regular basis, with intention to re-activate your City of Light and to raise it’s vibration. Go into ceremony, open a Portal of Light, acknowledge the presence of the buried crystals, feel them activating, shimmering, visualize a blue electric energy running through them forming a circle of Light surrounding the city. Then proceed to release the lower vibrational frequencies and download higher dimensional frequencies.  This can be done by using variety of methods, similar to the work and maintenance of your personal energy field. My favorite is the violet transmuting flame, and intention, command for release, cleansing & clearing.