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Bilocation – A Personal Experience

I was introduced to bilocation by Juliano, an Arcturian Commander and a member of a group of higher dimensional beings that refers to them selves as “We, the Arcturians”.

In this articles I will share my experience with bilocation on personal, group and community/city level. According to Juliano, it is possible to bilocate a planet as well.

There are many documented stories of bilocation. While the Essenes and the yogis from the Far East were able to bilocate and actually manifest a duplica of their physical bodes and function in the area they bilocated to, for me – at this point of time (September 26, 2015) - the bilocation feels as etheric/astral travel.

Before we go any further - keep in mind – these are my own personal experiences, take what resonates, leave the rest!

These are the topics I will discuss:
·     Traveling up the corridor of light
·     Walking across the bridge
·     Shimmering
·     Thought projection

Traveling up the corridor of light

This is the recommended form of bilocation for beginners. You go into meditation, choose a place you wish to visit and open a corridor of light simply by intention or by asking your guides to open it for you. It is an energy field and interdimensional space. You will be spiraling up, raising your vibration, traveling up the dimensions. The intention is to match the frequency of the place you are going to, you have to trust your very own guidance and stop at the point that feels right and then step through to the other side.

My favorite place to visit is the Arcturian Starship Athena. Visualize stepping through the corridor into a hall with individual healing rooms on both sides. Choose one and enter. This is your room, your reality, your creation.

Whenever I feel I need to recharge or to do some healing on myself, I go to my very own healing room, where I lay down on the healing table and let my Arcturian healing team work on me. After you come here a few times by traveling up the corridor, you will automatically bilocate here whenever you desire by simply thinking it, and that’s what we call thought projection.

On the way back you step into the corridor and travel down, intending a perfect alignment with your body. This is an important part of bilocation. While you are out of body the body is shifting…. The travel through the corridor is good whenever you go somewhere with intention to heal the body/to bring it into alignment with the Creator which you are. The return is a journey, not just a thought and this gives the body opportunity to integrate the healing/alignment.

Walking across the bridge

I have had two interesting experiences with walking across the bridge, in both cases my group here in Taos, NM exchanged energy over the Skype with another group.

The first time it was with a group from Chile. We didn’t talk much as our Spanish is minimal and their English not much better (we smiled a lot), the other with our sister group from Santa Fe, NM. We took turns sending energies that are unique for our community & location to the other group and vice versa encapsulated in a ball of light.

As the energy never travels in a straight line, we formed an arc and a bridge. In our case we were sending energies representing our connection to the Sangre de Christo Mountains and specifically the Sacred Mama Mountain with it’s Sacred Blue Lake ( an interdimensional corridor to Inner Earth),  our connection to the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers, our connection to the Four Corners (Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona) and the energy stored in the land, the memories of all the ceremonies and healing work that was done here by the Native Americans.

Once the bridge was established by sending the balls of light to the other location, where the shared energies permeated the entire city we were ready to walk across the bridge. Our group traveled across it energetically in a form of a unified energy field, a Flower of Life, while the other group was pulling us in, magnetizing us. After some time spent in togetherness we traveled back and then it was our turn to magnetize the other group to Taos.

As we were all experienced in bilocation, the walking across the bridge felt unnecessary, as we thought projected to the other side the second we intended to cross it. In any case, it was a good exercise. 


Our personal energy field/aura/cosmic egg has a pulse similar to the pulse of your heart. As you raise your vibration, the pulse is increasing. If you have seen the Star Trek series you may remember how the crew members stand on a transporter and how they go into a state of shimmering and then disappear from the ship and materialize on the planet they are visiting. This is the concept - you raise your vibration by visualizing/thinking/intending your energy field increasing the  pulse to its maximum, set your intention where you wish to go and then you command – “Shimmer out!”  You will feel a shift, as you are going from a vibrational experience to a tonal experience. Once you are ready to go back, you command “Shimmer back!”

The feeling here is that you are not going anywhere, you shift your frequency in your core, you activate your Inner Sun and expand into that which you choose to focus on in this hologram of who you are, you shape shift.

Shimmering is my choice of bilocation when working with the city of light concept.

Our group downloaded 5th dimensional energy into the unified energy field of Taos with intention to create a portal of light, an intersection of dimensions and a pocket of 5th dimensional light on a 3rd dimensional planet. We refer to this energy field Taos City of Light.

Co-creation and manifestation of cities of light is a Group of Forty project. We were assisted by the Arcturians, who taught us how to bilocate the entire energy field of Taos to planet Arcturus – to a specific place where we are received by the Arcturian guides and teachers/by our Arcturian Selves. We call this place Taos Star Sister City.

On a regular basis our group shimmers the unified energy field of Taos to Taos on Arcturus, where we command “Release” of all energies that are out of alignment with the highest good for our community and then we fill it up with all that’s available to us in the NOW moment, be it Ascension Codes, upgrades or updates. We imprint the energy field of Taos from Earth with the 5th dimensional Taos and it’s own experience of Ascension. Then we shimmer it to a position above the physical Taos on Earth, coming into alignment and then gently descend, permeating the physical Taos and the land.  

Try this in your city and notice how it feels "lighted". Command: “Shimmer to the 5th dimension!” After the cleansing and recharge, command: “Shimmer back!”

Thought Projection

Once you have some experience with bilocation, you simply thought project. You think where you wish to go and you are there! You shift your focus.

Expanding into the frequency you wish to harmonize with:

I am. I am that I am. I am all that I am. I am a hologram. I am one with everything. I am everywhere in the NOW moment. There’s no time or space. My heart is the Inner Sun. My Command Control. I AM A SUN! I am the Creator of my reality!

Once you expand into the Source Consciousness and comprehend that you are the Creator you are able expand into anything you choose. How about expanding into your 5th dimensional Self? You are in your heart, in the Point of Singularity and you expand/thought project/shimmer into your 5th dimensional Self. You can expand into anything you wish to focus on in the hologram of all that you are as a collective of Multidimensional Selves.

Right now, let’s focus on you physical body and your 5D light body. As you expand you are both at the same time and you are imprinting the 3D/4D physical body with – WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BE! Feel into your Self - how do you choose to feel? Visualize your self – how do you choose to look? This is how we transmute our physical bodies – by embodying the frequency of our 5D Self, but not only that, by embodying all that we are – Love & Light – Source. We are healing our bodies by bringing them into alignment with out True Self.

You have many 5th dimensional Selves, but this is the one you are becoming. You are entering/remembering a collective of all the expressions of your Soul though out the 5th dimension. You are expanding into the Galactic Consciousness, into your Galactic Self.

Bilocation means being at two places simultaneously. Being a multidimensional being you can trilocate and beyond. It is a great way to stretch your level of perception and to activate your Multidimensional Brain.

While bilocating in 3D/4D you are in your physical body and you bilocate in your etheric body. That’s why bilocation feels as astral travel. It will be different once we have transmuted our physical bodies into light bodies.

Bilocation also feels as Merhaba travel. Only so long you live in 3D/4D. After all - these techniques have different purpose. In bilocation we are projecting into another reality while being in our bodies. In teletransportation you are leaving this dimension, taking the vehicle with you.

Before you start bilocating to higher dimensions you may wish to practice bilocation here on Earth. You could be going to your relatives home, a place you know very well. See it, hear it, taste it, smell it. Employ your Higher Senses.

You may exchange a photo of your home with a friend and build a bridge between your homes, taking turn and magnetizing each other… Or even better, do it with a group! Set a goal, a percentage, how much of your self do you wish to project to the other side? Which brings us to a question? What is an ideal percentage?

In all these years I have been bilocating I never had any negative experience, never encountered any danger. So long you are vibrating on a high frequency, you are protected. Be Love, be Light! You are the Creator of your experience!

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